A portable general-purpose game engine for Dreamcast, Linux, Windows and OSX.

A Modern Game Engine with a Retro Spin

Simulant has all the power and flexibility of a modern game engine, but built for systems with limited resources. There’s a reason we call it the portable game engine!

Progressive Enhancement Built-in!

Build your games for retro consoles like the SEGA Dreamcast and enhance them using modern-day shaders and techniques for modern platforms. Simulant supports multiple renderers so you can scale up your games for the resources of the target platform!

Everything is Code

Build your scenes in pure code. Load assets, populate your scenes, and build rendering pipelines all by calling an easy-to-use C++ API.

Give your Scenes Life!

Create behaviours for objects in your scene to bring them to life. Write custom behaviour classes that form the “brain” of your game objects and let them run wild!

Quickly Bootstrap your Project

Use the `simulant` command-line tool to bootstrap your game, compile it, and package it for distribution on multiple platforms. If you have Python and Docker installed, you’re ready to go!